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Growing opportunity near Totnes

Hi I have land near Totnes that I would like to rent out (long term) to people who would like to live a low impact lifestyle and grow food, etc. I am a herbalist, and 1 of my students is keen to set up a medicinal garden on the land. There is also a salad business I am happy to pass onto whoever rents the land. There is space for 3 more individuals /couples. I am looking for experienced growers, able to work with others, keen on involving volunteers from the local community, and willing to apply for grants.


Launch of La Via Campesina UK, Press release

On March 3rd 2013 the inaugural annual general meeting of the international farming organization La Via Campesina UK will be held at Ruskin Mill Farm, Gloucestershire, marking the launch of the organisation’s first UK-wide co-ordination. La Via Campesina was founded in 1993 to represent the rights of small-scale traditional food producers around the world. Today the organisation represents more than 200 million farmers, growers, pastoralists and fishermen and campaigns for their rights to be recognised by national and international policies.


Organic Growers Alliance event - Pathways to better crops

Ways forward for those who depend on plants for their livelihood


The Organic Growers Alliance (OGA) supported by the University of Sheffield and the Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network are organising a network building, knowledge-sharing meeting in Sheffield on Wednesday March 6th 2013. This meeting will be one of the first of its kind bringing together practising organic growers and members of the research community.


WWOOF Sweden Video contest

Inspired by a similar contest last year by WWOOF Canada (and with a really lovely example video) WWOOF Sweden want to invite those who have been WWOOFing in Sweden to show off their talents, and maybe win a prize!  Some details below or here is a link to the website -



WWOOF Norway close to launch


With 72 hosts in Norway, it has been in a position to start a viable national WWOOF organisation for some time. Finally it's happening! On 1 January, WWOOF Norway will officially launch.


What will this mean for WWOOFers who have access to the Norwegian host list through WWOOF Independents (WWIND) or through one of the national WWOOF organisations that offer access to the WWIND list?