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Wild Beekeeping - Hand In Hand With Nature.

Luisa Gonzalez is an ex-WWOOF UK host based in Scotland and she has a message that she feels needs to be heard by us all.

In her own words: "I become a professional beekeeper 4 years ago as I was told this will help the bees. I had a shock when I found that the way the honey business operates is to remove all the honey from the bees, replacing it with sugar syrup. It was common sense it couldn't be good for them.


Organic Action Plan for Scotland - Questionnaire.

A considerable number of WWOOF UK hosts are based in Scotland and between you all exists a valuable resource of information gleaned from years of farming organically. Below is an introduction taken from the survey website for the Scottish Organic Action Plan and an explanation of why your advice is so important:
There are lots of different forms of farming and food production in Scotland.

New Television Series - New Community

This is your chance to personify the organic ethos and potentially make a lasting impression on someone who may never have considered the alternatives to living alone, or living in a town, or buying into the subsidised, pesticide coated, imported vegetables from the nearest big supermarket. You could be the catalyst for raising somebody's awareness of the impact they have on this planet.


Admin & Certification Officer - Organic Trust

The Organic Trust Limited is a leading organic certification organisation in Ireland, currently certifying in the region of 1000 organic operators – the Organic Trust logo is easily recognisable on a vast array of organic products on retail shelves in Ireland and abroad.

A vacancy currently exists for an Administration & Certification Officer to join our Company.


Organic Leadership Course - Europe

The Organic Leadership Course (OLC)

The OLC is a training program run by the IFOAM Academy which takes place in regions across the world. This intensive, one-year course empowers participants to assume greater responsibility in finding organic solutions to address the world's environmental and social challenges.


Community Vacancies - Braziers Park

Braziers Park College are looking for new residents.

Braziers Park College is a community and a non-profit organisation. Currently 14 people are living there; they host weekend courses and run the house and the estate with the help of volunteers from all over the world.

Braziers Park is always looking for new residents, to fill different roles.