Scotland North
Type of activity
Gardens, Livestock, Woodland, Alternative Technology, Green-building
We have a 21 acre croft on the east coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland. We grow trees, vegetables and flowers. We keep chickens and have a peacock and peahen.

We have planted several thousand trees which are developing well. We live on the edge of a tidal sea loch so are able to use sea weed as a natural fertiliser which has proved very successful.

We are interested in green energy and use a heat store system for all our heating and hot water. We don't use fossil fuels for heating so this means a lot of wood cutting!

Our croft house is about 90 years old and has been added to and adapted by various previous occupants. We have gradually been renovating and insulating our rooms.

We have 2 dogs. We also work off the croft in health work and engineering.

Future development projects include further tree planting and development of outhouses. We have recently completed our first polytunnel (polycrub) to extend the growing season.
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