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Scotland North
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Gardens, Livestock, Woodland, Green-building
Our primary business is making organic beer - see our website for more information, however most of your time will be spent gardening. Our gardens are designed and planted with invertebrates in mind in direct response to the diminishment of invertebrate life in this country. When the brewery needs people activities include bottling, labelling and capping. We live in an 18th century house which we renovated in 1996. We have a productive and ornamental garden, two polytunnels, sheep, a milking cow, hens and dogs. There is 120 acres of land around us, which we converted to organic farming, and supply some of the brewery's barley needs. We actively pursue organic and permaculture principles.

We have a bar with rooms in Inverness and much of what we produce at the farm is served there. We source organic, local ingredients and apart from our own beers we serve beer and wine from around Europe.

Please note we ask for 8 hours a day volunteering. We Host people for 11 months of the year, but are closed from mid December to mid January.
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House and garden
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