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North East
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Gardens, Woodland
For 8 years we have been following our dream of turning 16 acres of former sheep pasture into a productive smallholding that will provide our livelihood, fruit, vegetables, herbs, spring water, biodiversity, wood-fuel, craft materials, a home, spiritual nourishment and a grave! We hope this place can be inspirational for others seeking to live sustainably, grow organically, put permaculture thinking into practice, and work mindfully in close contact with nature. We manage our market garden using Charles Dowding’s no-dig methods, and our main business is supplying wonderful salad leaf mixes to around 15 local pubs, restaurants and shops. Work will include helping in the gardens, and general site management.
Simple caravan accommodation and good compost toilet on site. We currently live a 20 minute walk away so volunteers need to be happy with their own company some of the time, with only birds around you – peaceful!
We eat mainly organic vegan wholefoods, with occasional fish, eggs and meat available. Will share most meals, and provide ingredients for others.
We enjoy the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist master.
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