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Type of activity
Gardens, Woodland, Green-building
We are a mixture: family home, food grower who participates in local food initiatives, biennial sculpture exhibition, venue for life-enhancing talks and courses. We are very much in the process of change and development. Sometimes it is very quiet, and at other times very busy. I wanted to put 1-5 for the number of adult hosts, as I am sometimes alone but sometimes not, and there are gardeners and others here by day.
We need help with picking and preserving produce, but could also use all sorts of other skills to do with growing, building and organising. Please note that 2017 is our year off from our sculpture exhibition, so the busy cafe that you see in the pictures will not be operating.
We are veggie-centric: this means we eat very little meat or fish, and are very welcoming to vegetarians and vegans. We are happy to host meat eaters, but not if they expect to eat meat more than about once a week.
We are in the beautiful Windrush Valley in the Cotswolds, and our garden is acclaimed.
Outskirts of town or village
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House and garden
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