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Gardens, Livestock
Our farm is a beautiful self-sustaining place, where animals, birds, plants and humans all live in a natural, healthy and happy way. Our chickens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl and turkeys roam free all over the farm. We have two milking goats. We have a Jersey cow with a calf, and three pigs. We are learning beekeeping. We grow vegetables in our garden and greenhouses. We have a lot of berry canes which give a prolific harvest every summer. We love planting trees; we have planted hundreds of trees around the farm, including fruit and nut trees. Our farm is young, we moved here five years ago. But it is developing in a happy organic and permaculture way. We are a family of four: husband and wife and two grown up boys, and we are firmly commited to natural, organic and sustainable management of land. We will be very happy to welcome young people who want to work with land and animals, who love our planet and want to restore it back to health, one farm at a time .
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