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Northern Ireland
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Our House is set in 3 acres of woodland and garden overlooking pretty countryside. It has a wild garden which we are hoping to plant up and make more self sustaining. Off the yard there are other sections of garden where the fruit and herbs are growing. We also have a small orchard which could benefit from some attention. A lot of work is needed to help to improve the kitchen garden, herb garden and border in the main garden. We have a small pond which would benefit from renovation and planting up around it and several projects like this that would make a significant difference to the overall appearance of the property. We are open as country house accommodation and constantly improving the appearance/environmnet and sustainability of the gardens.
It is a very tranquil environment and a step away from the busy hustle and bustle. A haven for wildlife, we are trying to maintain the environment as much as possible and create a beautiful escape...a wild garden under control.
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House and garden
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Individuals, Couple