Land Workers Alliance partnership

WWOOF UK and Land Workers Alliance


We have decided to extend our partnership between WWOOF UK and the Land Workers Alliance (LWA) whereby new or renewing host members of each organisation can benefit from one year's FREE membership with the other organisation. So, as long as you fit into the criteria of both groups you can get two memberships for the price of one!
This 'joint membership' is only for hosts who HAVEN'T already taken advantage of this deal.

'Joint membership' offer, now runs until 1 April 2019! 

Benefits of joining the LWA

  • News updates on campaigns
  • Discounts on related courses
  • Free introductory planning/business advice
  • A voice on the future of agriculture in the UK
  • A sense of solidarity amongst producers with farm walks, skill shares, seed networks etc.
  • An invitation to the AGM and knowledge exchange events
  • Group travel to events in Europe (such as the Good Food March)

Benefits of joining WWOOF UK as a host

  • Practical help on your land
  • Exchange of knowledge and skills
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Being part of a large network of organic growers
  • Invitation to our AGM
  • Regional Host Contact and main office support

For more information and how to join go to: