Founder, Sue Coppard

Sue Coppard, FounderI came up with WWOOF in 1971 when I was a London secretary dying for an outlet to the countryside. To my amazement the project took off. I loved WWOOFing, and ran WWOOF for a year and a half before going on a year's overseas backpack, leaving WWOOF in the hands of a newly-formed team of four – an excellent next step. On my return I rejoined the organisers, carrying out different jobs. I finally felt ready to leave London and moved to a small house with a garden – WWOOFers proved invaluable. I can thoroughly recommend life in a small historical country town – and such a choice of activities too! I joined the local Green Party, and became our Town Clerk for a few years; but eventually changed from clerking to music making, and now play the accordion at a wide range of events. I have a lot to thank WWOOF for; it enhanced my life immensely and helped create new paths through life. To read an extended interview with Sue go to


WWOOF UK Co-ordinator/Chief Executive, Scarlett Penn

Scarlett Penn WWOOF UK Co-ordinator and Chief Executive

I have been looking after WWOOF in the UK since 2007, and am also a Director of the global Federation of WWOOF Organisations. For a long time I've loved living and farming with other people in intentional communities, hosting many volunteers along the way. It's only recently that I've taken on a smallholding of my own near Ludlow, Shropshire. In my spare time I love group singing, playing in folk music sessions and visiting WWOOFy places in my famous yellow van.

Host Contact, Taryn Field

Taryn Field, Host ContactI have been a WWOOF host for 12 years, but now live the urban life in Milton Keynes. I came into the role of Host Contact after working 8 years for, an amazing non-profit organisation. I am dedicated to WWOOF's ethos and principles and love working for this inspiring organisation. My favourite land based tasks are weeding and eating berries. In my spare time I play the fiercely cool sport of Roller Derby where I can get away with body slamming people as much as I like!


Membership Contact, Newsletter Editor and IT Support, Elaine Koster

Elaine Koster, IT, Newsletter, WWOOFer membership

Inside WWOOF UK I tackle IT – working on developments for our website, offering support and training to colleagues and liaising with our IT Support person Chris Cant for the complicated bits. I also deal with WWOOFer membership and compile the newsletters. Outside of WWOOF I enjoy gardening, Chinese martial arts, walking, music and my companion kitty.


Volunteer Liaison and Outreach Projects, Amanda Pearson

I first encountered WWOOF in the 1990's when, like many people, I was looking for a way to get out of London and the 'rat race'. My partner heard about WWOOFing on a permaculture weekend and suggested we give it a go; very soon after that we embarked on a year long WWOOFing trip round Europe. Back in the UK we joined an intentional community and experienced WWOOF from the other side of the fence as a host. I currently live in a regular house in a regular street in Stroud – but still have an allotment When I'm not working for WWOOF UK  I enjoy cooking and eating things I've grown, celebrating the seasons and riding horses.

Personnel and Organisational Administrator, Holly Cross

Holly Cross, Personnel and Organisational AdministratorWWOOF has been an increasingly important part of my life for over 10 years - I started as a WWOOFer in France in 2005, and have now graduated to being a WWOOF host and member of staff! And WWOOF has informed so many of my life choices – what I grow and how I eat, how I build and whether to use sawdust or ash in my compost toilet… I'm indebted to the movement and am a true believer in how WWOOFing can change the world one WWOOFer at a time! As well as WWOOF stuff, I sing, read, build, walk, siarad Cymraeg and help out on community projects.

Social Media Liaison, Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer, Social Media LiaisonI discovered WWOOF when I moved from London to an intentional community in Buckinghamshire. Years before I had hitchhiked across southern Europe picking up farm work for cash and a place to stay – if only I'd known about WWOOFing back then!! Since my escape from the city I have lived in a number of communities/WWOOF hosts – heading steadily westwards across the UK. I currently reside in Wales where I live a low impact lifestyle, very much connected to the elements. I feel passionate about WWOOF's role in offering a positive alternative to the mainstream life choices and I relish the opportunity to spread the word through our social media platforms.​


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