Agroforestry workshop at the Organic Research Centre

AGROFORESTRY: How Trees Can Work on Your Farm

The current challenge for farmers is to meet the growing demand for local food production whilst ensuring long-term sustainability. Trees on farms can provide a range of benefits; shade
& shelter, water & soil management, food,
fodder, timber and fuel all of which can contribute to this challenge.

This workshop will be led by experts from the Organic Research Centre, Institute of Organic Training & Advice and the Woodland Trust who will present the findings from the Wakelyn’s agroforestry trials and can
help with planting design, location, species type and establishment and maintenance of tree planting schemes.

The aim is to promote knowledge exchange as to how trees can be introduced into farming systems and identify where more information is requried. There will be an opportunity to participate in a session to
design a tree planting scheme for Elm Farm as well as see at first hand the agroforestry schemes already planted which includes a hedge fuel project.

Wednesday 26th February 2014, 10am– 4pm
Elm Farm, Organic Research Centre, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 0HR

A one day workshop for farmers, agricultural and forestry advisors and other land managers

Places are free but limited. To reserve your place, email or call 08452 935 603.