Biochar Pioneer - Ed Revill

Ed Revill lives in South Gower, where he implements the theories of soil carbon regeneration on his market garden. He runs workshops on using appropriate technologies, including biochar stoves.

"Biochar is charcoal intended to be used as a soil additive rather than to be burnt. There are two main reasons for making and using it: firstly, to improve crop yields by increasing the soil’s nutrient holding capabilities, increasing moisture retention, reducing acidity and influencing the activity of the soil micro organisms; and secondly, to stabilise the carbon in biomass and thereby sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide."

“We westerners, instead of burning fossil fuels, high in hydrocarbons, and putting the carbon into the sky, we should be burning the volatile components of wood for our heating very efficiently indoors. Same idea of burning the volatiles and locking off the carbon.”

Two quotes from Ed Revill taken from a fantastic online article, to read it in full:

The application of the biochar rocket hybrid stove was clear. Like any tool or technology its how you exploit it that matters. To clarify, Ed’s Biochar Rocket Stove is part of a closed loop system. The fuel, ideally from coppiced wood, is used to heat or cook (not simply to create biochar) and the remaining biochar is then used to amend the soil, whence the plants for food & fuel come, and so the stuff of life loops in a nicely self-contained(ish) cycle. A home based ecology.

For more info & how to make and use biochar visit: