A Commons Sense: A film about Bio-piracy


'A Commons Sense' is a powerful short film made by Jason Taylor and the Source Project http://www.thesourcefilm.org/
It looks at the work being done by pioneering ecologist and seed conservationist, Dr. Debal Deb [pictured below] in India to counteract Bio-piracy.
Through the selfless and untiring efforts of Dr Debal Deb, millions of Indian farmers are being empowered to withstand the threats to their livelihoods from Bio-piracy (Bio-piracy being the practise of commercial exploitation of naturally occuring biochemical or genetic material - obtaining patents that restrict its future use - whilst paying unfair or no compensation to the community from where the material originates)
"... farmers are being hit at all angles, climate change is undermining their yields now that they have lost most of their indigenous seed stock, the cost of company inputs (seed, fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide) have taken most of their profits and now the very DNA that has produced these life giving plant species are being stolen and patented by large economically driven corporations."
Here's the link to watch the film - 7 minutes and 50 seconds of your time which will have been well spent!