Community Food Growers Network is recruiting a Network Coordinator

*CFGN Network Coordinator*

*About CFGN *

The community food growers network is a ‘group of groups’ actively engaged
in growing food plants and supporting others to grow food, in healthy,
sustainable ways. We focus on connecting, cooperating and supporting each
other, within and beyond our neighbourhoods. Our members are based across

We aim to increase community food growing activity through education,
awareness raising, lobbying, campaigning and direct action, at a local,
regional, national and international level.

CFGN has grown quickly in last three years and our volunteer capacity is
near its limits especially as the work of running our own food projects is
very labour intensive. In order to meet the potential of the network and
continue working towards the long-term aims of the organisation we are now
looking to recruit a network co-ordinator and mobaliser.

This role will support CFGN members in event organising, build new
relationships with existing growing projects, work on internal and external
communications and work with food sovereignty organisations on a regional
and national level.

*Conditions of Work*

Part time: 1 day a week, also with additional network membership
commitments - attending meetings and events

Salary: £10 p/h

Based: at home and networking events, some travel costs reimbursed

Responsible to: Community Food Growers Network Steering Group

6 month contract, subject to 2 month probationary period

 *Deadline for application: *1st December, 2013

*Interview date:*  16th December, 2013

Start date: January, 2014

*To apply: *Please send your CV to *mail@ro <mail@ro>
<>* with a one page explanation of why you want the job
and how you meet the person specification detailing your skills and

Job Description The role will be a dynamic position, responding to the
needs of the network and developing our work in key areas. The main
responsibilities of the role are outlined below:

*1.** Network Building:*

A key area of work will be building the network, both by supporting
existing members to organize events and by approaching and supporting more
people to find suitable land and set up community food-growing projects.


   Organize and attend public events such as seed-swaps, information
   evenings, film screenings and Summer Celebrations.

   Attend meetings across London (& further afield) on relevant issues.

   Build new relationships with existing growing projects- set-up meetings
   and visits.

   Be a point of contact for Media.

   Respond to CFGN emails.

   Support other CFGN members in event organizing.

   Fundraising for campaigns and the development of the network.

*2. Website development *

The network co-ordinator will maintain and update the website and social
media presence, making it a ‘*go-to’* place for news and politics about
food-growing in London and beyond.


   Making the website a go to place for information on Food growing
   politics specifically in London, and also the UK

   report from quarterly meetings (project & discussion where appropriate)

   improve and populate resources or links

   Update the food-growing news – campaigns, funding, project news, EU,
   national & local government policy

   Create and co-ordinate content

*3. Newsletter:*

The network co-ordinator will organize the editing and printing of a
quarterly ‘newsletter’ which will help improve communication between
members and provide an outreach resource.


   Co-ordinate content, editing and printing of a short quarterly

*4. Social networking:*

The network co-ordinator will help maintain a CFGN presence on social media
which will be a tool for campaigning and awareness raising


   Build a presence and following on social media that CFGN can use for
   campaigning and awareness raising.

 *Personal specification*

The successful candidate will have the following knowledge and experience



   At least one years involvement in a network of community food growing

   At least one years experience in organic or agro-ecological horticulture
   in a community setting

   Experience of updating wordpress websites

   Ability to work independently and self-manage

   Experience co-ordinating and editing printed and e-newsletters

   Proven event management experience

   Experience organising and motivating volunteers

   Experience of representing a diverse group

   Experience supporting the development of new food growing projects

   Experience of responding to media.