Habitable Spaces: A Sustainable Farm & Artists Residency

Founded in 2011 - in Kingsbury, Texas in the USA - Habitable Spaces is a community arts and agriculture project in which artists are invited to create large-scale interactive art works while exploring alternative forms of living. These artworks become installed as a permanent part of the farm, creating a space that over the years will become a more comprehensive and collaborative project with each successive year.

Described by one of its founder members as "a living sculpture garden" the project exposes farmers to fine art concepts while teaching artists about concepts of smallholding and farming.  Artists are asked to consider the problems that face many farmers today – water shortages, climate change, and urban expansion, and to think about food production as well as shelter.

There is an online campaign by which you can support the project and included is a fine short film which gives the viewer a real taste of how this project fits in with sustainability, community, local resilience and having fun!!! Here's the link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-road-to-habitable-spaces#/story

The Habitable Spaces website: http://www.habitablespaces.org/