How To Quit The Rat-Race

Want to quit the rat-race? You have young children too? Well, one couple from Hungary found their way to a new life by WWOOFing for 3 years.

We can introduce you to a simply wonderful blog from our friends at - An interview with a young Hungarian couple, Mariann and Gabor reveals the amazing story of how they quit their jobs, and along with their two small children, explored the world of WWOOFing.

The interview poses some excellent questions and really does show how WWOOFing can be seen as a way to escape the rat-race. Containing a good explanation of how WWOOFing works, the blog really conjurs up the feeling of this alternative way of living - an almost money-free existence - where the ethos of trust and giving are the currency.

Find out how this young family get to learn new skills, make new contacts and build a new career by reading the blog in full - Click on the following link to be taken to the blog page:

Here's the link for the website; the center of the universe as far as low impact living is concerned: