New Ecovillage Project opportunity in west Wales.

There is currently an opportunity for potential smallholders to buy-in to a new project in Pembrokeshire, west Wales; under the One Planet Development planning policy.

A thirty acre field nextdoor to the Lammas ecovillage has come up for sale.   It will be split up into 4 or 5 plots and sold through Lammas as leasehold plots this spring/summer. The price will be in the region of £7,500 – £8,000 per acre (with plot sizes between 3 and 10 acres).

The land is mostly flat, well draining, and is quite exposed – with expansive views to the south west – and will require shelter belts and earthworks to create favourable microclimates. The plots come with access and water rights, and may suit people who are preparing for a One Planet Development sometime in the future, as well as folk ready for a change now.

If buyers are seeking to reside on the plots they will need to apply for planning permission independently (under the One Planet Development policy), and planning permission would be needed prior to any residential use. There will be an allocation process for the plots.

Contact for more information.

Here’s more information about the One Planet Development policy.