New Television Series - New Community

This is your chance to personify the organic ethos and potentially make a lasting impression on someone who may never have considered the alternatives to living alone, or living in a town, or buying into the subsidised, pesticide coated, imported vegetables from the nearest big supermarket. You could be the catalyst for raising somebody's awareness of the impact they have on this planet.

Keo films is now casting for skilled Brits who will build a new community in the wilderness for a groundbreaking new social experiment. We're looking for all types of people; everyone from fishermen to foragers; builders to botanists, engineers to entertainers. Or simply those who seek adventure or escape. This is a high profile documentary series that will challenge everything about modern life and see if it's possible to create a new community from scratch.

We are looking for people to take part in a new series we are making following a group of people as they not only survive but thrive in a remote part of the UK over a year period. We are looking for people with skills in all areas but people who understand how to farm organically are of particular importance.

Ideally we are looking for people who have an interest in living with minimal impact and who have amassed some knowledge of how to achieve this.

Contact the team to apply - By email: or call 0203 096 0410