Organic Action Plan for Scotland - Questionnaire.

A considerable number of WWOOF UK hosts are based in Scotland and between you all exists a valuable resource of information gleaned from years of farming organically. Below is an introduction taken from the survey website for the Scottish Organic Action Plan and an explanation of why your advice is so important:
There are lots of different forms of farming and food production in Scotland. Each has a different impact on the Scottish environment, economy and society.
Organic farming and food production are one part of this spectrum.  They make a valuable contribution to Scotland, but have the potential to bring significantly greater benefit to Scotland's environment, economy and society if they can be strengthened.
This questionnaire is designed to help identify:
1) the current & potential supply of & demand for organic produce, and the barriers to growth of the organic sector
2) educational factors that might limit public understanding of organic food & farming and limit uptake of organic food & farming as career choices
3) the potential for greater knowledge exchange between the education/research communities and those involved in organic food & farming
4) overlaps between the goals of organic food/farming sector and those of other groups

This survey is part of a wider consultation. The results will be used to help formulate a new organic action plan for Scotland that will strengthen the organic food chain and bring benefits to the wider community.
To fill-in the Action Plan questionnaire please go to: