Renovation building project - Austria

Northern Austria: a fortnight set of worskhops/ natural build festival/gathering 9th-23rd August stimulated by the need to finish renovation of a traditional stone farmhouse. The structure will be structurally sound by then, and will want to be lime /clay plastered, with rocket mass stove, dry stonewalling and straw bale and cob wall construction, clay-encased wall heating set in cob, reed mat insulation....theres loads to play with, its a great place!

The farm is alongside massive mushroomy woods, 45 mins walk through them you get to a pristine lake you can swim in. The site is a few hours stunning bike ride from the fruity beauty Wachau along the river Danube. There is an intentional community in an old sawmill half an hours drive away, and in the opposite direction is medieval Krems. From there by train its an hour to Vienna!
The project is applying for funding through a Youth Action Erasmus+ programme which could provide travel costs and daily subsistence to internationals.
For further information contact Gemma