South East England Host Gathering at Wilderness Woods 2014

South East Host Gathering in the Sussex sunshine.

This wonderful event was attended by five current hosts, two potential hosts, Iris our volunteer writer, a Steiner school grower and our esteemed RHC (Regional Host Contact) for South East England, Trudi Warner.

Trudi reported: "3 generations of WWOOF hosts, volunteers, friends, and interested parties enjoyed a pop up picnic at Wilderness Woods, overlooking the Sussex Weald.  Despite being a Thursday afternoon in March, the sun shone and people managed to tear themselves away from thier plots for a brief period. Whilst younger members went looking for fairies in the woods, others sought suggestions for using surplus alpaca fleeces, making seedy biscuits, and attracting gardeners to their plots. This may have been the first host gathering of the year, but hopefully it wont be the last..."

Look out for a Host Gathering in your area or contact your RHC to offer your host farm as a potential venue.