We Welcome The Complete LLOOF Guide.

LLOOF - The Guide to Living and Learning On Organic Farms - Downloadable PDF

LLOOF is the culmination of 2 years effort by 10 European WWOOF National Organisations: involving 20 representatives, 24 online meeting, 3 face-to-face meetings to complete 1 guide to the areas a committed and curious WWOOFer wants to know!

The completion of the online and downloadable PDF guide represents 10 key topics concerning farming, sustainable and organic management to meet the needs of our European Union grant to further adult education across our networks. BUT, we’ve also gone one better; creating a structured online learning platform that guides you through the PDF’s material with a dedicated YouTube video channel adding educational videos.

The brief was to create a bundle of knowledge that WWOOFers could draw on in order to increase the education they receive first hand upon farms. It is hoped it can provide an interesting and engaging supplement for those new to WWOOFing and those who must return to city life too soon.

The platform created in these two years will be continued by Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO) and a team consisting of existing and new members. We invite all to get involved; whether that’s site administration, making/submitting videos or extending the learning guide- all are welcome!

About the team:
Our team has consisted of volunteers and coordinators from the following WWOOF National Organisations:
WWOOF Czech Republic http://www.areaviva.cz
WWOOF Germany http://www.wwoof.de
WWOOF Hungary http://www.wwoof.hu
WWOOF Ireland http://www.wwoof.ie
WWOOF Italy http://www.wwoof.it/en
WWOOF Norway/Sweden http://www.wwoofnorway.org/home
WWOOF Serbia http://amacentar.org
WWOOF Spain http://www.wwoof.es
WWOOF Turkey http://www.wwoofturkey.org
WWOOF UK http://www.wwoof.org.uk

Follow these links to explore the guides for yourself:

For the PDF in 9 languages and online learning guide: www.lloof.eu 

For YouTube videos: video.lloof.eu

Federation of WWOOF Organisations website: http://www.wwoof.net/fowo/