new seed sovereignty programme

The Gaia Foundation has launched their new UK and Ireland Seed Sovereignty Programme. This exciting project will look to build regional hubs of seed producers, train more people in seed production techniques and develop open pollinated variety trials.

The Foundation will be working with partners such as the Seed Cooperative, Soil Association and Land Workers Alliance to develop a biodiverse and ecologically sustainable seed system in the UK and Ireland.

Katie Hastings is the Seed Coordinator for Wales. She is also one of WWOOF UK’s trustees. She says, ‘We are looking for market gardeners, small-scale commercial food producers and agroecological farmers who are interested in training in seed production. We want to see more seed produced in Wales, not just to protect our Welsh varieties but to make our food system more resilient. We want seed production to once again become part of the cycle of the growing year; we want to reinstate that connection with the seed, which is where all our food plants begin.’

For more information on the programme and to register your interest in seed production training contact Katie:

For more information on this project visit this page on the Gaia Foundation’s website.
There are also some inspiring short films on the Seeds of Freedom website.