5. How do I join WWOOF UK offline?

If you choose to join, but not use a credit or debit card, you can pay in the following ways:

Paying by Bank Cheque :

Do you have a bank account with a British Bank?

If YES you can send a cheque in Pounds Sterling made out to "WWOOF".

If NO, do NOT send us a cheque - cheques drawn on banks other than a British bank involve expensive bank charges and we cannot accept them. They will be returned to you and your membership will be delayed. We cannot accept cheques in Euros or Eurocheques.

Paying in Cash :

Our experience over the last five years is that sending cash carefully is not a problem. If a letter gets lost, it is because the postal service sometimes loses post, NOT because it contains cash. To send cash carefully, send only notes in pounds sterling - do not send coins or other currencies. Wrap the notes in aluminium foil - this helps prevent detection and theft. We can also accept an International Money Order, obtainable from some main Post Offices in some countries, but it must be made out in UK Pounds Sterling, not your own currency.

The address to use is PO Box 2207, Buckingham, MK18 9BW. Please do not send anything through the post that has to be signed for because our PO Box address will not accept it.