Forming Land Based Community

A little off topic perhaps? But they do promise to take WWOOFers when they get up and running!
We are smallholders who would be interested to hear from other couples,
families, or singles who would be interested in pooling resources to live in
community, where it would be possible to grow food, and to eat together
perhaps once a week. We envisage separate residences and shared undertakings.
We are committed to seeing how growing food becomes part of the transition to
a low carbon economy. One of us is an Anglican and member of the Iona
Community, the other a Quaker. We would hope to find ways of sharing worship
(possibly of different kinds). We are committed to serving the local
community as well as maintaining a way of life compatible with global justice
and a flourishing earth.
For more information or to discuss ideas further please contact Gill Westcott
at 01647 246789 or

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