With over 600 hosts across the UK all offering unique experiences, your opportunities are endless.

Once you have become an online member of WWOOF, you will be able to see the complete list of UK hosts, with their full contact details, from the green box labelled 'search for hosts'. This database is regularly updated. If you become a book member, you will be sent a copy of the WWOOF UK host list on paper but you will not be able to search for hosts online.


If you are not a member yet but would like to see a preview of the host list (contains no contact details), click here. If you are a member, log in and click on the green box  labelled 'search for hosts'. Please remember you must be 16 or over to WWOOF in the UK, unless you are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

UK Immigration

If you are thinking of WWOOFing in the UK and you are from outside the European Economic Area, please read the information here first: