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Grants for Certified Organic Smallholders

Loraine Trust grants of up to £2500 are available to certified organic farmers/growers for projects that aim to benefit your holding and its wildlife.

You need to work between 1-150 acres of land, to have a yearly household income of less than £24000, to send full details of your project before 15 March 2014 to The Loraine Trust,
Greencombe, Porlock, Somerset, TA24 8NU.

Contact Joan Loraine on 01643 862363


Agroforestry workshop at the Organic Research Centre

AGROFORESTRY: How Trees Can Work on Your Farm

The current challenge for farmers is to meet the growing demand for local food production whilst ensuring long-term sustainability. Trees on farms can provide a range of benefits; shade
& shelter, water & soil management, food,
fodder, timber and fuel all of which can contribute to this challenge.