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Article in the Guardian newspaper about La Via Campesina UK


"Britain's new 'peasants' down on the farm -

A determined generation of young smallholders hope to reclaim the British countryside from the grip of corporate food giants".  If that first line grabs your attention then you may like to read the rest of the article -



News from the Land Workers Alliance (La Via Campesina UK)

This from a recent mail out from the Land Workers Alliance (La Via Campesina UK)

An AGM in the Canary Islands

After our meeting at Ruskin Mill, three members went to the AGM of the European co-ordination of La Via Campesina (ECVC). ECVC represents 28 producer-led organisations from Europe and is the regional co-ordinating forum for La Via Campesina. They run an office in Brussels and work to keep members informed of what is happening the corridors of the EU while representing their interests in lobbying and advocacy.


A really nice blog entry from a young woman new to WWOOFing

I have a 'google alert' for when WWOOF gets a mention on the internet which comes up with all sorts of marvelous things, this time it came up with this blog from a young American woman living in Paris and going out WWOOFing for the first time and I think it is a really heartening and realistic report.  Here is a link to two of her posts -

About her first trip -

An Introduction -


Freegle Grow-your-own

I am very happy here to pass on something from Chris Cant (WWOOF UK's independent IT contractor)

- If you have anything you are not using, why not give it away on your local Freegle - there's 380 groups across the whole of the UK with well over a million members - see  In particular, if you have spare seeds or plants, why not give them to others near you - a helping hand to get started growing.  And, in due course, if you have spare produce, eg rhubarb, courgettes or apples, I'm sure others would love to have them.


Forming Land Based Community

A little off topic perhaps? But they do promise to take WWOOFers when they get up and running!
We are smallholders who would be interested to hear from other couples,
families, or singles who would be interested in pooling resources to live in
community, where it would be possible to grow food, and to eat together
perhaps once a week. We envisage separate residences and shared undertakings.
We are committed to seeing how growing food becomes part of the transition to
a low carbon economy. One of us is an Anglican and member of the Iona