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WWOOF Norway close to launch


With 72 hosts in Norway, it has been in a position to start a viable national WWOOF organisation for some time. Finally it's happening! On 1 January, WWOOF Norway will officially launch.


What will this mean for WWOOFers who have access to the Norwegian host list through WWOOF Independents (WWIND) or through one of the national WWOOF organisations that offer access to the WWIND list?



ORC Participatory Network seeks new members

The Organic Research Centre’s Participatory Research Network is seeking members to engage in a process of developing and implementing on-farm research ideas and projects. Full details of what is on offer can be found on the PRN page of the ORC website (home page - http://www.organicresearchcentre.com/). This initiative links to the Duchy Originals Farming Futures project led by the Soil Association as well as drawing in information from the wide range of research projects currently underway at ORC and elsewhere.


Save the Sarpo potato!

The Sarvari Research Trust (http://www.sarvari-trust.org/) are looking for funding to get a new blight resistant potato cultivar through the National Listing, so please help support them and publicise this widely. This is such important non-GM work! Here is a link to the funding page - www.buzzbnk.org/ProjectDetails.aspx