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Wild Beekeeping - Hand In Hand With Nature.

Luisa Gonzalez is an ex-WWOOF UK host based in Scotland and she has a message that she feels needs to be heard by us all.

In her own words: "I become a professional beekeeper 4 years ago as I was told this will help the bees. I had a shock when I found that the way the honey business operates is to remove all the honey from the bees, replacing it with sugar syrup. It was common sense it couldn't be good for them.


Organic Action Plan for Scotland - Questionnaire.

A considerable number of WWOOF UK hosts are based in Scotland and between you all exists a valuable resource of information gleaned from years of farming organically. Below is an introduction taken from the survey website for the Scottish Organic Action Plan and an explanation of why your advice is so important:
There are lots of different forms of farming and food production in Scotland.