New WWOOF Host Membership

This membership is for people who have a property and who would like help from WWOOFers. You can find out about why we collect your information, what we do with it and what controls you have in our Privacy Notice.

To become a host:

  1. Create an account and choose a payment method (this screen)
  2. Confirm that you accept WWOOF UK's terms and conditions of host membership (also this screen)
  3. Fill in a form to provide further details about your property
  4. Wait for your application to be processed and approved by the WWOOF team. This will involve a telephone screening and, when possible, a follow up visit to assess suitability.

Once we have approved your application, your details will be listed in the online directory and published in the next WWOOF book.

Please fill in the form below to create an account and choose a payment method.
This page can also be used for renewals so if you are already a member please login before you go any further.

On Behalf Of Organization
I consent to staying on the WWOOF UK mailing list *after* my membership expires:
This means you will continue to receive occasional emails with updates and invitations relating to WWOOF and the wider organic movement.
Please enter a Username to create an account. If you already have an account please login before completing this form.
My Name (hosts)
Acceptance of terms and conditions of host membership
Is it OK to occasionally select one of your listing photos to visually represent WWOOFing on social media, in a promotional article or in our own newsletter? You will never be personally identified, and the location of your home or site won't be revealed.
  • that my farm or property is organic or in conversion and / or uses ecologically sound techniques
  • that I am interested in receiving visits from UK and international WWOOFers
  • that I will reply to all enquiries (for postal, those that include an SAE or International Reply Coupon)
  • that I will ensure that WWOOFers are current members of WWOOF UK by checking their membership on first contact
  • that all help is voluntary and in exchange for food and accommodation
  • that I have insurance which will cover any WWOOFing activity on my farm or holding for the duration of my membership.

I agree that WWOOF shall only be responsible for providing a means of contact between host and WWOOF members and that no liability shall attach to WWOOF for any accident, sickness, injury, loss, damage or the like howsoever arising whether at the above premises or otherwise.

Ways to pay
Fill in the card and billing information below and click Confirm Contribution at the bottom of the page.
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