Scotland South
Type of activity
Gardens, Woodland, Green-building
- Rented property with some land as part of the rental (a paddock being developed in a forest garden), a lot of useless lawn and some half-wild shrubs.
- The landlord is letting us a lot of liberty concerning the management of the land and is only concerned about 'righteousness' of the management. (mostly ‘invasive’ weed control)
- The work needed is at this stage mostly clearing and setting up : in some parts there is some shrub / tree / sapling control to be done, in some other parts vegetable beds and cultivable areas to be built or maintained, I have made a draft permaculture garden design for my paddock but this will be reviewed, and trees are being planted this winter. Lastly in some areas we can already apply some perma principles (water harvesting, gutters and tyres planters...)
- Although I have ticked every month for availability, Scotland can display some pretty rubbish winter weather, so we'll play by ear.
- Families with children aged 3 to 9 are welcomed during school holidays.
Outskirts of town or village
Host type
House and garden
Type of people