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Scotland North
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Gardens, Livestock, Woodland
We have 2 wwoof farms,We go where the work is according to the season.
We spend most of the time on our hill farm, near Ullapool on the west coast with about 350 ewes and 60 cows. Also 2 guest houses, which need cleaning every Saturday.

The second farm, is a lowland farm on the Beauly Firth where we winter the stock and make hay, silage and grow oats in the summer.
Winter - feeding stock. April - May - lambing,planting trees and opening guest house June - weeding, tractor and digger work. July - shearing, haymaking. August - Hill farm, maintenance, cleaning lodge and cottage . September - harvest and speening. October-November - gathering sheep and fencing.

Anyone who wants to experience self-sufficiency - endless jobs with maintenance, we have own electricity turbine, water supply, wood to cut for stoves - butchering & food preparation, gardening, conservation work. Also a wonderful place for walking, riding, sailing and fishing.
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