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Scotland South
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Gardens, Woodland
We own a large old house near Newton Stewart, surrounded by semi-natural woodland and a large garden, which we are trying to improve all the time. Work includes helping us to eradicate rhododendron ponticum, a non-native invasive shrub growing in the woodland, which involves cutting and pulling out bushes, thus allowing native trees to grow, this is best done in winter; also some garden work, tree planting, painting, and making bread. We are particularly interested in garden design, plant ecology and environmental issues, our garden has been featured in several magazines. We grow our own vegetables, eat our own meat, and do a lot of home-cooking. Accommodation is offered in our house, with your own bedroom and bathroom, eating meals with us. We like to eat well, with plenty of vegetarian food (and meat). We have wi-fi .Please note that we do not work alongside the wwoofers, Mary is a potter and I am mainly office bound. We employ a part-time gardener with whom you would be working.
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House and garden
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