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Scotland South
Type of activity
Gardens, Livestock
We live and work (editors of a scientific journal) in a house built in the early 1800s with 5 hectares of land situated in rural Dumfriesshire. We keep sheep, chickens, bantams, ducks and bees as well as a pet dog and cat. We have developed the land, an upland area 200m above sea level and facing north, as a garden by planting trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants and developing a vegetable and soft fruit garden and an orchard. We have ponds and are also developing a wild flower area. We need help in the garden (e.g. planting, weeding, pruning, mowing and strimming) and tending our animals (e.g. feeding and cleaning). We can offer comfortable accommodation and good food (most of the vegetables out of the garden). We can lend bicycles to explore the area. If needed we can drive you to the nearest village to catch a bus for a day out.
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House and garden
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