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Scotland North
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Gardens, Livestock, Alternative Technology

I have a six acre site with both a croft and self catering cottages.
The croft has a large fruit and vegetable garden, a 50 foot poly-tunnel and a greenhouse. I have Khaki Campbell ducks in an enclosure with a duck pond, and 2 large enclosures with chickens.
I have a small number of Castlemilk Moorit sheep which is a small primitive breed, ideal for conservation grazing.
The croft is as green as possible, with wind turbine, solar water heating, firewood boiler and water storage system. I do not use oil.
I need help with shed maintenance, fencing, strimming, woodland management, log chopping and splitting, bramble and bracken clearance and allotment tending, harvesting and care of our livestock in 2019. Our poly-tunnel also needs recovering in the summer and we will be digging drainage ditches to improve the soil in our allotment and poly tunnel.
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