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South West
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Gardens, Livestock, Woodland, Alternative Technology, Green-building
We have lived at this property for five years and are trying to create a more self-sufficient small holding on our four acres. We have some chickens, as well as mature fruit gardens, a newly planted orchard and forest garden, a newly planted field of trees - willows for firewood and avenues to become a secluded campsite one day - as well as vegetable gardens and a highly productive polytunnel. There are many maintenance tasks around the property and in the gardens. We focus on establishing perennial, forest type gardens. We are currently completing the building of a strawbale cabin for additional family accommodation, using rammed tyre foundations. We now have plans to complete the landscaping around the cabin, add some fences and plant some hedges, plant the wildflower meadow and build some platforms for bell tents.

We have both travelled fairly extensively and are comfortable with all tastes, diets and cultures.
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