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South West
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Gardens, Green-building
We are a lively arts and crafts venue that serves the East Devon Community. We are looking for wwoofers in Feb, Mar, Apr, May Oct and Nov only. The land we have supports this with a sustainable and free range ethos. We have a 2 year old, large 'Forest Garden' with all of the Permaculture benefits and also run a nearly organic veg plot with 2 poly tunnels that feeds the family. We don't use any chemicals but occasionally buy plants from non-organic sources - friends! We also run a Wedding hire camping site for mini 3 day festivals. We can offer a wide range of skills where there is something new to learn everyday.
Our accommodation is either in our cosy 'Summer House' beside the pavilion or in really cold weather in the main house. You can either eat with us or be self catering in the pavilion.

While we say 6 hours a day, in reality if it rains we do less and if it's sunny we do more.
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