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Scotland Central
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Gardens, Livestock, Woodland, Green-building
HELP REQUIRED FOR 3 WEEKS FROM AUGUST 7/8th to finish RENOVATION of a CARAVAN to provide accommodation for permaculture specialists. Also some garden maintenance and chicken caring.

We are a small intentional community, with a passionate vision of offering a sanctuary to people in today's crazy world. Currently we are two English people, and two Americans, one Indian, with an American and Irish couple nearby. We especially welcome woofers who have SOME SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE in building, maintenance, gardening, woodwork etc. Our property consists of a main house , a 'technology free' holiday cottage, plus several outbuildings. We are creating a Natural Sanctuary open to day visitors and people interested in nature, walking, cycling, stargazing, birdwatching, art retreats. We have 14 acres surrounded by a juicy river, woodland and meadow. We have a vegetable garden and chickens. We are situated in a fabulous secluded and magical glen in the achingly beautiful yet non-touristy mid-Argyll, a few miles from the Atlantic ocean. We offer occasional singing workshops and seminars on spiritual and creative themes.
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Communal living / cohousing
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