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Scotland North
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Gardens, Livestock, Woodland
This is primarily a free range poultry farm, hatching from my own breeding hens and rearing bought in, day old chicks. I sell point of lay pullets and eggs for consumption from the end of the road and direct local sales.

I am trying to use the manure produced by the birds for a large vegetable and fruit be honest the results here have been a bit mixed, unused parts of the vegetables are fed back to the hens.

There is a large polytunnel, about half is used all year by the birds, the other half is used by growing hens overwinter and for tender vegetables over the summer, this gives a weed free environment.

I have a small number of breeding sheep, mainly jacob crosses with a gray faced dartmoor tup.

There is a pleasant local pub about a mile away. I'm happy to give lifts into the nearest village, Alford.
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