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Northern Ireland
Type of activity
Gardens, Livestock, Woodland
We live on a small hillside, surrounded by a large private estate. We have 4 fields, one rented to a local farmer, the others grazed by 2 alpacas and, during the summer months, by RDA ponies. We have a large garden, with lawns, shrubs and trees, a woodland area with pond (where we have reared mallards) and 2 delapidated semidetached cottages in need of attention, as well as a new vegetable garden near solar panels in a corner of a field. We have a few acres of amenity woodlands, planted circa 20 years ago (Robert is passionate about forestry!).

We need help in the garden with weeding, building stone walls, stabilising the cottages. We want to improve the vegetable patch and create paths and a fenced hen run as we have foxes, polecats and badgers and have lost our hens in June (again). We need help in the woods with weed control, thinning and firewood extraction.
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House and garden
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