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South East
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Gardens, Livestock, Green-building
we have a vegetable garden, flower garden, and ponds. We also have visitors to the farm, and need help to get garden dug,and maintained.We need help with creating good spaces for the farm animals, or feeding them, etc. We need help to pull out the unwanted and poisonous plants from the hay fields, which are organic, and possibly help with making hay in July. Building a compost toilet soon. we have a space in the house for you, as we have an empty nest! We are very sociable and having visitors is our priority which is part of the Country Stewartship scheme. You may like to help us with the farm visits. We do pond care in the autumn.
I am interested in making an earth ship, or other eco small house, to use either for visitors to the farm or as a holiday let. If you are interested or know how to make a small, creative earthship I would love to hear from you and any other friends you have who are woofers!
Outskirts of town or village
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