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Scotland South
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Gardens, Woodland, Green-building
- Rented property with some land as part of the rental (a paddock waiting to be developed in a perma garden), a lot of useless lawn and some half-wild shrubs.
- The landlord is letting us a lot of liberty concerning the management of the land and is only concerned about 'righteousness' of the management. (mostly invasive weed control)
- The work needed is at this stage mostly clearing and setting up : in some parts there is some shrub / tree / sapling control to be done, in some other parts vegetable beds and cultivable areas to be built or extended, I have made a draft permaculture garden design for my paddock but this can be reviewed, I am currently working on refurbishing a hen coop and building the run and lastly in some areas we can already apply some perma principles (water harvesting, gutters and tyres planters...)
- Although I have ticked every month for availability, Scotland can display some pretty rubbish winter weather, so we'll play by ear.
- Families with children aged 2 to 9 are particularly welcomed.
Outskirts of town or village
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House and garden
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