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Northern Ireland
Type of activity
Gardens, Livestock
Camphill Community Mourne Grange is an integrated therapeutic Community where international volunteers live and work alongside adults with special needs.
Volunteer co-workers coming to stay in Mourne Grange live in house communities with adults with learning disabilities and their long-term co-workers.
The tasks of co-workers include helping with the household chores as well as supporting the residents with their care needs. All co-workers take part in the cultural and festival activities, which we celebrate together as a Community.
As well as living and working in a house community, every volunteer co-worker supports our workshops, such as the bakery, food processing, laundry, woodwork shop, weavery or the LAND (GARDEN, FARM & ORCHARD) for several hours each day.
Application from this site would be prioritised for the work in the garden/farm.
Outskirts of town or village
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Community Supported Agriculture scheme
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