39. What should I do if I want or need to end a WWOOF exchange earlier than planned?

WWOOFers and hosts are under no legal obligation to continue with a WWOOF exchange longer than they want or need to.  We would expect WWOOFers and hosts to make every effort to honour the arrangements they have made with each other, but unexpected things do sometimes happen whereby a WWOOF exchange needs to end earlier than agreed.  Please talk to each other as soon as possible to discuss the situation; everyone can then be prepared for a WWOOFer's early departure, or both of you can take the opportunity to make changes to arrangements so everyone is satisfied.  Please read the ethos and mission page of our website to remind yourself of what is expected of hosts and WWOOFers.  If you are worried about or unhappy with the arrangements within a WWOOF exchange, please contact us via complaints@wwoof.org.uk even if you have been able to discuss the problems with your host/WWOOFer or if the exchange has already ended - we will always aim to improve things, and help everyone to have better WWOOF exchanges in the future.