help with your WWOOF UK account

Having trouble using your account?

1. I haven’t received my email telling me what to do next

When you join up online, you should have received an email from us telling you your username (which you will have chosen yourself before you paid). This email is generated automatically, so it will definitely have been sent. If you have not received it there could be a number of reasons:

  • Check your email junk / spam folder. Sometimes our emails get sent straight to these folders
  • If there is nothing there either, please check your email filter settings. If they are set too high, you might not be able to receive any further emails from us
  • It is possible your email provider is temporarily not accepting emails for some reason. Unfortunately this seems to happen quite often, and the automated WWOOF system has no means of knowing you did not receive your email (see next question to get around the problem)
  • Is it possible you mis-typed your email address when you signed up? It is very important that you spell your email address right, as this is the main link we have for registering you. If you think you spelled it wrong, please email the office telling us the problem, the email account you think you joined with, and supplying your full name
  • Make sure you are checking the email account you signed up with. Many people have more than one email address and often forget which one they used
2. I have done everything above. How can I find out my username and password?
  • To find out your username and get a new password, go to the log in button at the top left of our home page, – this will take you to a new page. Click on the request new password link there.
  • On the next page enter the email address you used to register with us and click on Email details to me
  • Your username will be in the subject title of the email you receive and it will be the first word of the email
  • Make a note of it for future reference and then click on the link included in the email
  • This will enable you to log on ONCE ONLY using the log in button on the new page
  • Once you are logged on, be sure at this stage to change your password in the space provided. Keep a note of the password for future reference
  • You should now be able to log on easily every time with both a username and a password that you have chosen and kept a record of
3. I have already created a user account, but I didn’t get round to paying. How can I go back and pay online?


If you have logged on and created a user account for yourself (this will have happened automatically if you have gone past the second page of the sign-up procedure) you will need to follow this process in order to pay by Paypal or debit/credit card:

  • When you did the first part of the sign-in you will have received an automated email back containing your username and reminding you to keep a note of your password
  • Sign on again by going to the home page, clicking on Log in and typing in your username and password on the new page
  • You must not change your email address at this stage
  • Click 'join as a UK WWOOFer' in the green box towards the top left of the screen
  • Scroll down the next screen and select the type of membership you want
  • Complete the details requested on the following screen and select 'Confirm Contribution'
  • On this screen you can select to pay by Paypal/Credit or Debit card on the left or to send us a payment through the post on the right
  • Check your details as you scroll down to the bottom of the next screen then click on 'continue'




  • Go to home page
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Click on 'renew now/renew membership'
  • Click 'join as host now'
  • Scroll down and click on 'Click here to join now' (all details will be automatically in the selected fields)
  • Tick the £30 * membership button, and tick the 'confirmation' box
  • Pay using PayPal or card


4. I can't search the host information (what do I have to put in the 'Host name' or the 'postcode' field?)
  • You don't have to fill in every field to search for hosts, just a few. For example if you want to WWOOF somewhere that keeps livestock in Scotland during the month of June, simply tick 'June', 'livestock' and 'Scotland'
  • If you already know the name of your host and just want to check details that is when you fill in the 'Host name' box
  • If you want to WWOOF based on a geographical area the easiest thing to do is sign in to your account and use the map on our home page to find hosts in each of our regions
  • Or you can go to the ‘Search for Hosts’ page and don’t fill in any of the search criteria, but find all hosts by pressing ‘search’ straight away. At the top of the following page you'll see the words 'map these contacts'
  • If you click on this, all hosts in the UK will be shown on a map. You can then zoom in to your preferred location and look at a farm by clicking on the blue symbol.
5. Where can I find my membership / WWOOF ID number?
  • Your membership / WWOOF ID number will be listed towards the bottom of the 'receipt' or 'invoice' email you get when you join WWOOF UK
  • You can also find it by signing in to your account and looking under 'Membership' on the left-hand side of the screen on the home page
  • Your WWOOFer ID will automatically be sent to hosts when you use the host contact form
  • If you phone or write, you will need to quote this number to hosts, who have the ability to check if your membership number is valid and current through our website
6. I want to renew, but as a different type of member from last year (e.g. I was a 'joint' member and now I want to be a 'single' member)
  • This is easy to do, although there is no link from the main page
  • Sign in to your account (this bit is very important – you must be signed in) then click this link
  • It will take you to the normal joining page, but the fact you are logged in will mean the new membership will be associated with your existing account rather than creating a new one