Join as a WWOOFer

Dan and Pat cut turfJoining as a WWOOFer gives you access to the UK host directory.  There are two options for WWOOFer membership: online and book. Membership is valid for one year.

When you join you will  be asked to confirm the following terms and conditions of membership so please think carefully about them before going any further:

  • I am at least 18 years old
  • I understand that the responsibility of WWOOF UK is limited to providing a means of contact between host farms in the UK and myself
  • I understand that I must be in good physical and mental health before arranging to visit a WWOOF host
  • I understand that I am responsible for taking all reasonable care for my own safety during my stay with WWOOF UK hosts
  • I understand that WWOOF UK cannot accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage
  • I understand that WWOOF UK cannot provide help or advice with visas 
  • I will be responsible for investigating entry requirements to UK and ensuring I have the appropriate documents to gain entry
  • I confirm that I am genuinely interested in organic growing and sustainable living
  •  (Je confirme que je m’intéresse sincèrement à la culture biologique et à la façon de vivre durable)
  • I am not attempting to use membership of WWOOF UK only as a means to improve my language skills
  •  (Je n’essaie pas d’utiliser l’adhésion à WWOOF UK uniquement comme moyen d’améliorer mes compétences linguistiques)
  • I will have appropriate insurance cover for the type of activities I may be asked to do
  • I have read and understood the WWOOF UK ethos and mission statements
  • I understand that all data about me that is stored by WWOOF UK is confidential and will not be transferred to other individuals or companies

If you wish to renew your membership, please sign in on the left and then click on 'Renew membership'