2014 Organic Farm Management Handbook

Now in its 20th year of publication, the 10th edition of the Organic Farm Management Handbook will be available in early February 2014.
This is a ‘must have’ publication for everyone interested in the business of organic farming and growing. The new edition provides an update on CAP reform developments as well as on organic markets as growth finally returns. Detailed gross margin and farm income data help provide insights into the real costs of running an organic farm.
You can place a pre-publication order for the new edition at the special offer price of £15 plus £2.00 postage (£4.00 postage overseas). After publication, the price of the new edition will be £20 plus postage. To order, visit: Handbook page
For bulk (5 copies or more) or trade orders, a discounted price of £14 plus postage applies. On-line trade/bulk orders are not possible - please e-mail elmfarm@organicresearchcentre.com to place your order.