Across The Pond: An Intrepid WWOOFer Writes.

The WWOOFing Adventures Of Lauren Sayers

Lauren Sayers has travelled from Canada to WWOOF in Ireland, Scotland, Wales; finishing-up in England - the birthplace of WWOOF itself. 

We begin in Canada where Lauren kicks-off the blog offering sound advice on how to go about arranging visits with host farms - she even includes an entire inventory of what she will be putting in her backpack!

Lauren has a vivid style of recounting her experiences as a WWOOFer on the host farms she visits; each embellished with photos which manage to capture a sense of place and atmosphere.

This is a one woman voyage of discovery which will surely inspire anybody to go and explore the unknown.

Here is a brief taste of what you can expect when you visit 'Across The Pond' - 

"Working at this farm was nothing like my last farm. After a lot of hard, physical work at my last farm, it was very interesting to transition into this farm. The schedule consists of a big group breakfast around 830, followed by some light work in the garden or Polytunnel (mostly weeding or planting some seeds) and then lunch was almost always around 130. After that we usually had the afternoon free to do whatever we wanted, which was usually playing with the kids! Sometimes we would do a small amount of more work, but not usually.
While at this farm I got the opportunity to see a beehive and learn about how it runs, and I got to learn a lot about building and how to use different tools, as myself and my woofing partner Nina (from Germany) built a sandbox for the kids from scratch! I also got to learn a lot about family life in Ireland and tips on parenting styles."

To gain a real insight into the world of WWOOFing read this blog. It is a treat to watch the tale unfold in front of your eyes - life changing experiences, new perspectives, empowerment from gaining new skills, connecting with new friends and the planet.
To read the blog for yourself please click here.

We are grateful to Lauren for sharing her experiences with us all and wish her the very best in all her future WWOOFs and beyond.