Age Of The Farmer - a WWOOFer made film.

This is a short film [5min 48sec] made by Belgian WWOOFer Eva Verbeeck and Spencer Macdonald.

Here is what Eva has to say about this inspirational piece of work:

"I’m Eva a Belgian photographer with a passion for travel (currently I’ve visited 45 countries), adventure and the environment. This summer I traveled around North America in a old truck to make a photo story on young farmers. Now I am back in Europe. I traveled through incredibly beautiful places and met the most admirable people. I worked on so many different farms and learned a lot of new skills. Through working together with nature I came to understand the problems that are arising.

Connecting with young farmers I felt so welcome and inspired every day. I learned so much more about growing food, gathering people and working
together. We are so powerful as young people. The choices we make to eat every day influence our planet. That makes eating one of our most powerful engagements.

People often wonder why young people start farming. They don’t understand why someone who studied medicine, English literature, law or
computer science would want to get their hands dirty every day, growing food on an organic farm.

I would like to show you and explain what it is that draws people to farming. It sure isn’t glamorous. But all the hard work, sleepless nights, hurting hands and feet bring together so many different people over a table full of amazing food. That’s what it’s all about because you ultimately are the food you eat.

I traveled for 4 months all over North America. I asked Spencer Macdonald to join me for three weeks throughout the Pacific Northwest to produce a

short film on young farmers that would accompany my photo documentary. We are ready to release the short film and we would love if you would share it."

You can view the video on the following link: